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Absolute Chess Beginners Start Here:

For those of you that are absolute beginners and don’t know how the pieces move or the basic rules of the game you will want to start with Learn to Play Chess from the United States Chess Federation. The USCF can be considered the authority on the rules of chess.

For the purpose of learning chess strategy there are three parts to every chess game:

The OpeningGet your Chess Game Started Right and Win More Games.

We will start with the opening since knowing opening strategies is paramount to improving your chess and winning more games. The opening is also the logical place to start since it happens at the beginning of the game.

The Middle Game – This is where strategy and tactics get a good workout.

The End Game – You Might Think the End Game is Simple Since there are Very Few Pieces on the board – Guess Again!

Chess Playing Tips and Advice – These are general tips, but they can help you win games.

Chess Webinars – to help you improve your game